Why Tint

Window Film

Windows are one of the most important and attractive features of a home. How many times in the daytime, have we seen blinds closed on windows? How many times have we ourselves closed the blinds in our own home?

Have we ever asked ourselves why we have closed the blinds? Never!
Its an automatic thing to do. We know that closing the blinds provides daytime privacy.
Even though some heat does enter the home around the blinds, it does help keep the home cooler.
Closing the blinds helps protect furniture and floors from fading.
Closing the blinds also protects us from the heat and glare.

But what has happened?

We live in a home where we are blocking the view.
We live in darkness and not the light of the day.
We consider daily the energy cost of the air conditioner
We think about making sure our blinds closed to protect the interior.
We know that we will have to replace our blinds first as they suffer the major damage

When buying a home, have we ever been shown how nice it looks with the blinds closed?

The Advantages of Window Film

Window film provides up 99.9% UV protection
Besides protecting the flooring and furnishings in the home, now the blinds and drapes are being protected.
Window film can protect up to 80% of heat and glare.
Reducing energy consumption by up to 30%, can dramatically lower energy bills and improve your bottom line. .
With window film daytime privacy can be achieved and you can leave your blinds open and enjoy the sunlight and view.

Call Custom Glass Tinting 1-888-499-6454 or email cgt@cgtwindowfilms.com We do an analysis of the glass in your home.

Windows can have different thickness of glass and may or may not have Low E
Then there are different levels of Low E
Film and glass have varying levels of heat impact

After analysis, we know which films will qualify for the glass
The selection process and pricing is completed.
The client then can give due consideration whether to proceed or not
Installation is completed by qualified certified installers
Manufacturer lifetime warranty provided

We stand behind our 34 years in business and if ever an issue in installation, this is immediately corrected
Finally, window film is the wave of the future. At present many people do not realize they can place window film on their home and achieve daytime privacy, energy savings and protection from furniture and flooring fading.

This is slowly changing. See below.

The change to the building code voted on May 31/2012 and effective January 2014, means window film is recognized across California as a building product just like glass or roofing materials, but primarily for retrofit applications. It can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce the effects of glass breakage, glare, harmful UV exposure to the skin and interior fading of furnishings.

A study by California-based ConSol showed among other findings that the vast majority of existing homes would be able to achieve significant energy savings and those with single pane glass could gain a greater energy advantage than using R-38 insulation in their home’s ceilings.